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HappyBallot.com is an online gifting portal which is a part of Keyosh is dedicated to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones.
Taking birth from the idea to bridge the gap which is developing among an individual relations due to new life style, work pressure and busy schedules. We provide an easy way for “How to Celebrate a Relation”. With HappyBallot, we endeavor to create an online gifting portal addressing the above need with passion of excelling in the field.

It is not the gift but the thought that counts.In today’s world everyone is so busy that going out to buy a gift is a pain. But you cannot miss to gift because a gift is a perfect way to tell someone how much you love them, care for them, want to make them happy, want them to have all that they want, and so many countless feelings that a gift can convey. Then what to do?Sending Gifts to your loved ones have become more convenient than ever.HappyBallot ‘s user -friendly and intuitive interface provides you with easy and hassle-free process.And all these services comes with the ease of click.

So,even if you are leaving away from your home country but have your heart in the country you can easily send Gifts&Surprises to India from HappyBallot and have it delivered on time to your dear ones.To add a love filled statement of expression to your occasions,HappyBallot provides you the same day delivery of Flowers,Cakes and Gifts to save you from the last minute realizations.Also,do not forget the midnight delivery that you can opt for and make someones smile extra broad just when the clock strikes 12.
It’s not just about the special days,but those special moments that make the celebrations grandeur and joyful.We love to make your celebrations memorable.Be it through splended Mother’S Day gifts or Father’s Day gifts.Happyballot also provides an Ecstatic gifts collection suited for every occasion.

HappyBallot capitalizes on its strengths by embracing values like excellence, creative approach and customer satisfaction.There is a dedicated team that manages the logistics and ensures on-time delivery.The on-time delivery facet makes HappyBallot  stand out and helps build an ever increasing pool of satisfied customers.HappyBallot  ensures best  quality in time delivery service through  distinguished supplier base to our customers that comes along with free shipping And this is not all, along with these gifting options HappyBallot also provides Unique Gifts & Lively Surprises.   

HappyBallot has taken the responsibility to become your Messenger of Love & Emotions,Expressions & Feelings to create happiness and more smiles to your loved ones face.HappyBallot has now became a signature to its commitment of making your occasions even your grandeur,helps you express your deepest of emotions through our wide choice of Fresh Flowers,Delicious Cakes,Handmade Chocolates, Heart -Warming gifts and Over whelming surprises.We take pride in our extensive network and novelty, in equal measure.HappyBallot is consciously foraying into small towns and every nook and corner of the country to mark its presence.

An idea is like a seed but when it gets planted, it becomes a vision? such is a story of HappyBallot. With its creative and unique ideas, HappyBallot endeavors to make every occasion special and memorable for its customers. We always make sure that we deliver the best to you at the right time and in the right emotions.